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Visualizing poke_cpu with AWK and Google Sheets

Had some dtrace output from the following script, used to measure interrupts and cross-calls (section 2.3.3 of Solaris Internals: Core Kernel Components) in the SmartOS bhyve implementation: #pragma D option aggsortkey #pragma D option quiet apix_dispatch_by_vector:entry { this->vecp = `apixs[cpu]->x_vectbl[arg0]; this->avp = this->vecp->v_autovect; } apix_dispatch_by_vector:entry /this->avp == NULL || this->avp->av_vector == NULL/ { @[cpu] = count(); } tick-1sec { printf("time=%d\n", walltimestamp / 1000000000); printa("cpu=%d pokes=%@d\n", @); clear(@); } The output looked like cpu=0 pokes=1427 cpu=1 pokes=946 ... time=... read more »

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